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Still Rocking The FX 8320

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Nov 10, 2012
Ankeny Iowa
Its been like 5 years since I have been on here. I am still rocking the FX 8320 turd, takes 1.50 Vcore for 4.6 Ghz.
My rig set in the garage for 5 years and in sub zero temps, aka water cooled. ended up replacing to radiator and reservoir due to it freezing up and breaking. I have since replaced the Rad and Rez, new parts in sig. I also upgraded from crossfire HD 7770's to a Asus TUF 1650 super.
Been playing around with overclocking the cpu. Like I said before, my chip is a turd at overclocking. I can go to 4.4 Ghz without a bump in Vcore but after that I have to throw alot of Vcore at it. Temps are not a issue, 120mmx4x60mm rad for cpu only.
I have finally settled with 4.6 Ghz, FSB @ 230 and Multi @ 20. Takes 1.48 Vcore for that, anything higher takes 1.55+ :mad:. HT and NB both running 2530 and ram is 1866 OC to 2145.
Probably time to upgrade to Ryzen and quit living in the past.
But it's kind of fun for a little bit to resurrect those old rigs when we could actually gain something by overclocking.
Are FXes really maximum-multi-locked like Phenom II? I thought they were multi-unlocked beyond 20.0.
I'm still rocking the FX 8320 as well, but I plan to build a new system when the Zen 3 Ryzen CPUs come out hopefully later this year. If I get impatient I might just pull the trigger on a Ryzen 5 3600. I've been very pleased with the Ryzen 5 1600 I use for work.
Wow I gave away my FX rig some time ago. It was paired up with an Asrock FX990 Ex4 board & some DDR3-2100 ram. Was a daily driver @ 4.5Ghz and 1.37v. My friend's daughter needed a PC for school work and some simple games so I donated it to her.

Was a pain in the butt to get it to clock up as it would either crash or black screen right out the starting gate. Once I got it to 4.5Ghz, that's where I locked it at. Wasn't fun at all trying to overclock it and I almost took a hammer to it several times.
Sold my last one in 2016 IIRC, daily driver as well, coupled with a SaberTooth, 16gigs of ram and a 290X. Cooled with a 280, was running 5GHz/1.5'ish v. Swapped for a golden 5820k (4.8Ghz, 24/7).
I still have a FX-8320E system that I used to have for overclocking. It just runs stock now and it's for my brother whenever he comes home to visit. It runs World of Warcraft Classic perfectly! :D