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Suggestions for light reflection (LEDs)

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Jan 5, 2002
First of all fear my mspaint skills. Yes I ride the shortbus.

the yellow area is about 1 inch across on each side, the black lines on it is venting. The blue dots are LEDs, the whole area there is only about 1.5 inches deep (its inside the front bezel). What Im trying to do is put some kind of half pipe to cover the corner so that the light is sorta evenly reflected outa the entire vent, and only can escape out the vent.

Anyone got some suggestions? Id appreciate it thanks!
Also, maybe it would be better to use glowwire? How bright is that stuff?

EDIT: pic should be there now, I hope...
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Just put the "http:/" in front of what you have there. (no quotes)
Glowwire is great stuff, it'll give you that full glow your looking for, as it's got a soft but bright glow, I used it on my case, to get a reference as to what it looks like, here the link:

My case
Well I might just go ahead and order some and see how it works out. I still think I need to throw something to cover the corner, but I may not need anything reflective with the glowwire.

The Glowire (EL cable, etc) needs a special inverter thing just like the EL Sheets right?

yes it does, you can go to a local "AUTOZONE" or even "TARGET" to get the wire with the inverter.....it's $15 for 5 feet and inverter...not bad at all....:D