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Swapping Hard Disks

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Oct 12, 2002
San Diego
I want to switch some hard disks between computers, is there a way of doing this while keeping the os/data and not have to reformat/reinstall? I tried it once and it would start to boot into OS, but then it would restart itself and keep doing this, or go to bsod..

Any suggestions..?



Oct 16, 2002
Madison Heights, MI
Isnt that what Norton Ghost does....makes an image of your harddrive so you can backup, or transfer to another drive?

Not sure on this one...but Im pretty sure ghost is what youre looking for.


Jul 5, 2002
Ghost is more for making an exact image to either replicate on PCs with exact/similar hardware or for backup purposed to be restored to the same/similar PC. If you are going to move hard drives to a PC with totally different hardware (especially mainboard, chipsets, etc) you will likely run into problems. Maybe not BSODs and serious issues, but likely driver issues and lower performance as the OS was installed on a PC with xxx chipset/mainboad it has all the drivers for that board, and a massive change may reduce stability and even give BSODs.

Hope this helps.