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T32 EOC WIR 26Dec20: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy holiday.

I’m looking to getting back to more humor and less… well… less boring. So I ask you guys, what movies, TV shows, comedians, etc. do you reference for humor or fun entertainment?
IT Crowd
Office Space
30 Rock
Corner Gas
Blazin’ Saddles
Space Balls
<fill in with your list>

Team Conquest/Threat List

PC Games Hardware4.1 months down from 4.4 months.
SDCC at BNL1.7 years down from something that was more.
Element AI1.8 years up from 1.6 years.
SLAC2.3 years WAY up from 1.3 years.
Heise Falter 2.6 years down from 3.0 years.
Anand Tech dropped out of the top five chasing us down and we picked up a new team called SDCC at BNL. I don’t know what SDCC is but I love BNL. Whether in picture form or musical form. Bare Naked Ladies always do my heart good. I’m certain that I’ve not misinterpreted their name in any way. While we have had lots of teams chasing us down since the start of the pandemic, the teams in the top five keeps changing and I like that. It shows that our dedication over the long term is better that their short powerful bursts in the last year. What ever spots we lose, we WILL regain in short order.

Active folders and ranking:
Active FoldersRankingAve PPD
This week9671st 1.87 million.
Last week9971st 1.81 million.
3 weeks ago10868th 1.57 million.
6 weeks ago9975th 1.72 million.
8 weeks ago9876th 1.48 million.
8 week10176th 1.48 million.
11 weeks ago10374th 1.59 million.
12 weeks ago10979th 1.36 million.
13 weeks ago9979th 1.34 million.
Our new year’s challenge was better defined last week. In the stats above, the goal is to reach an average of 2 million ppd. This is a challenge that everyone can help with.

All folders can contribute by raising their ppd even just a little. If you have a rig earning 900k ppd, see if you can eek out another 50k. If you have 1 million ppd, maybe another 100k? If you are earning 50 million ppd…. well…. join the team. We’ll take it. In other words, get as close to 2 million ppd as you are able.

For those above 2 million ppd, get as far ahead of that number as you can. This push/pull attack will net us closer to this new challenge AND push us forward for the goal of the science. This is the rule in general. Add what you can and let’s charge once more unto the breach.

Top 20 PPD:
1HayesK21.97 million.
2P4EE15.15 million.
3WhitehawkEQ12.63 million.
4torin310.82 million.
5Maviryk9.34 million.
6orion4568.41 million.
7OrbitalCat6.58 million.
8Computekinc6.31 million.
9superducky6.06 million.
10TC6.01 million.
11dfonda5.33 million.
12JrClocker5.09 million.
13Mark6204.54 million.
14don256us3.99 million.
15DarkWarrior3.91 million.
16OSUmaxx3.90 million.
17aviationfrk3.56 million.
18BigBlockk3.42 million.
19harlam3573.08 million.
20zspaldin3.00 million.
21Travis4Sutton2.52 million.
22hshtick2.45 million.
23davekusa2.24 million.
24darkknight1872.24 million.
25JLK03F1502.19 million.
26ottoaxel2.10 million.
27deeppow1.57 million.
28gulp35 1.34 million.
29payj941.31 million.
30AVG1.21 million.
31Griff1.10 million.
32NiteSmoker1.09 million.
33penguininja1.04 million.
Looks good. One thing that I like about doing this list is to see lots of change and yet some guys retain their standing. I mean, there are lots of variables day to day, update to update. As a result, many of the same names get moved up and down sometimes with lots of movement yet a few will remain within their spot. Or maybe a person will have the exact ppd from the week before but find themselves in a very different spot up or down depending on how the rest of the team is doing. It’s just a neat thing I see from time to time that I find of interest. It means nothing but is fun to see anyway.

T32 Top 100 or (Page 1):

Moving up 4 spots each:
OrbitalCat @ #36

Moving up 3 spots each:
darkknight187 @ #72
penguininja @ #99 and breaking int o the top 100! WOOT!

Moving up 2 spots each:
Mark620 @ #48
IAmMoen @ #69. Really? That’s the number you got to? 69? Grow up already.
Zerileous @ #79

Moving up 1 spot each:
Maviryk @ #19
zspaldin @ #41
davekusa @ #46
payj94 @ #56
AVG @ #82
NiteSmoker @ #93

World Top 200:
Times are especially tough on these guys since Stanford started including COVID into the mix. Cheers guys.

HayesK#35Moving up 1 spot!
Macaholic #47
WhitehawkEQ#59Moving up one spot!
orion456#125Moving up one spot!
These guys have made some great movement only to have to give some of it back. It wouldn’t be the same if it were easy. These guys have been hard charging for a long time. They’ve earned their world standings.

Build, Borg, Recruit. :borg: :comp:
If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.
It’s not how much you fold but if you fold.
If you fold, then you’re my friend.
Keep your stick on the ice.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
Everything is within walking distance…. if you have the time.
The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
Where ever we go that's where we will be.

Please provide another cliché here.
Until next week…
Happy New Year everyone!

Powered up a number of my retired GPUs to welcome in the New Year. Currently have 45 GPU folding for T32. 1-450, 1-460, 1-550Ti, 1-560Ti, 2-650Ti Boost, 5-750Ti, 1-960m, 6-970, 8-980Ti, 2-1060, 2-1070, 6-1080Ti, 1-1660 Super, 2-1660Ti, 1-2060, 1-2070, 4-2070 Super.

Only planning on running the retired GPU as space heaters for a few days during the current cold snap, but maybe they will be enough to bump the T32 avg ppd over the 2 million target for a brief time.

Yep, might just break into 2 million ppd for the team. Wow! You're retired gear is more than my farm. :)