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TBird 35 idle 53 underload HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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Feb 23, 2001
guys how hot is hot? as topic sais my amd T-Bird 750 overclocked to 980 is 35 deg C idle and goes up to 53 deg C underload like during 3d mark 2000 default test and under seti athome......

and probbaly same if not a tad more during quake III and counter strike probably 54 deg C

all i have is a coolermaster HSF on it, looks JUST like the stock HSF but twice the size, but aparently NOt enough.....

i was thinking of the OCZ MONSTER II (http://ocz.safeshopper.com/9/5904.htm?714)

i have the Abit k7t raid so i cant fit any hsf i like....... plz suggestions and LINKS plzzzz i need to get this puppy cooled off in the next few days..... i have been running it at 970Mhz for a long time now and had seti as my screen saver and never though about monitoring my temp till recently and i feel like a duma$$$!!!!!!!!
You didn't say what case temp yielded those core temps, but it appears that your HSF, while adequate at wattage generated during idle, falls behind the curve at full load. Have you fiddled with the mount to make sure that it is not only in contact with the core, but also exerting enough pressure on it. I think AMD calls for something like 18 pounds of pressure. See my sig for what you get out of a GlobalWin FOP32. I know you can get more from the FOP38, which is a 32 with a more powerful fan, but at the price of noise.

thermal paste im using if its been herd of even its the NTE303 thermal paste otherwise please also recomend me some paste!!!!!!

oh i been looking at the Coolerchips.com boy they have GREAT prices! there is some thermaltake volcano II for $13!!!!!!
B3Master (Feb 23, 2001 10:13 p.m.):
thermal paste im using if its been herd of even its the NTE303 thermal paste otherwise please also recomend me some paste!!!!!!

oh i been looking at the Coolerchips.com boy they have GREAT prices! there is some thermaltake volcano II for $13!!!!!!

Arctic Silver is the best thermal compound.

If you look at the spec's on the Volcano II it is almost identical to other Thermaltake products......my testing has shown that they are good for stock cooling and moderate overclocking.

I've been trying to find engineering spec's on the Everflow fan without any luck.

If you want to see a good heat sink review, got to http://www.ocworkbench.com
Okay, so, with a 35C deg case temp, your CPU idles at 37C and climbs to 53C under full load. With my modded FOP-32, a case temp of 20C, my Duron at 1.85V and 1Ghz idles at 35C and climbs to 40C under full load. That's a 20 deg difference from the air around it at full load. I you apply that to your unit, then 53C is not all that unusual. All that, having been said, a lower case temp would help as well as a "beefier" HSF. BTW, in another article in cooling, I can concur that adding a 1/4" copper cold plate between the HSF and core does help with full load temps. I did it because I had some 1/4" copper plate in the junk box and wanted to see if the copper helped spread the heat around the entire base of my HSF. It bought me a few degrees improvement at full load and of course, the satisfaction that accompanies fabricating something. I used Arctic Silver between the core and the copper plate as well as between the copper plate and my HSF base.

I took the case cover off but the temp of case didnt change much, maybe by 1 deg still in 33-35 Max area.......

as for the max cpu temp was STILL 51-53 under Any 3d load, hell even my cyclone screen saver got it to be 52 deg and its just an open gl easy screenie........ whats the deal!?

does that explain why it will post at 1 gig and even 1007 and 1012Mhz but not stable in windows????????

u guys think i can get that gig with better cooling!???????

were do i get that arctic silver??????? and thanx for all help so far :)
nstable at 9.5 multiplier and 105-107 fsb, i didnt even try any higher... but probbaly a heast sink and peltier (if its easy to install) i should surly go 110x9.5!
I shoulda been monitoring temp since i got this cpu/mobo upgrade im DOWN to 1.75v from being 1.85v and went down to 950 Mhz 9.5x100 and guess what seti running and cyclon screenie for couple minutes for reading to be more precise and my temp is STILL 51 deg C with the case open and case temp ALWAYS at 33-35deg C

on monday i plan to call and order the golbalwin WBK 38 from http://www.coolerchips.com with arctic silver....... from being 3rd in the http://www.ocworkbench.com/articles/Shoot/Page12.htm shootout

any commments suggestions for use on the Abit kt7 raid? and those caps being so close? plus any sugestions for how to properly apply the arctic silver?
Yup, a better HSF is the wat to go. I also buy alot from www.CoolerChips.com They have great prices and great service. Let me know how that WBK-38 performs, I am curious. And the Arctic Silver Should help a bit too.
My Tbird 1000mhz runs at 29C idle and 35C full load . Room temp is 26C , but that is with case open and no OC yet. Oh yeah..its a ALPHA 6035 and ABIT KTRaid.
guess whos comp is 53c aswell. mine. im to strapped for cash to worry about 53c. i mean lots tell me my temps are too high but i say nay. eventually i'll put some arctic silver on her but other than that nothing.
Tachyon (Feb 23, 2001 09:56 p.m.):
I've read that the OCZ is good, but I recommend an Alpha :)

I had the same problem. You might try this. Ihave a Abit KT7A-raid .Ihad another H/S and fan Iremoved the fan made a 2inch spacer taped it to my fan on my mb. It droped cpu temp 5Cat idle and 10C with load. I also am running at 133x8.5 for 1133mhz at 1.60 and3.30