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the future of intel and amd dual setups?

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Gloriously Lead, Overclockix Chief Architect
Sep 26, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
has anybody heard anything about there being any sort of future intel chips that will do a dual setup that aren't xeons? i can't quite afford the xeons but i am really looking into getting a dualie... i know that you can get the amd's in dual setups but i would really like an intel. a little info on the future of either platform would be pretty cool if anybody has heard anything. just curious :)


Jul 7, 2002
Xeon is just the name for the dual version of the chip so whatever duals come out will likely inherit the name like the P4 Xeon or the P3 Xeon.
AMD is going pretty strong on there present platform and the Hammers should give a lot of future potential.
For the price the AMD kicks all kinds of butt and probably will for a while.


Inactive Super Quad Mod
Oct 25, 2001
Not that I know of. The socket 370 is quickly becoming obsolete because it's electrically incapable of handling CPUs with clock frequencies above 1.8ghz or so. Right now there are two types of Xeons. The "bargain" Xeons, the Xeon DPs, and the crazily expensive Xeons, the Xeon MPs. The MPs are the ones with the big 1mb L3 backside caches. I don't know much about them.

Right now the Tualatin isn't going anywhere, yet the prices of the chips remain unrealistically high. Xeon DPs are the upgrade path you want to take. I know they're expensive but there's not going to be a dual P4 chipset made. Not sure why, but probably because most people that buy duals aren't worried about the extra cash for a Xeon system.