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Thermal compounds

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New Member
Jul 5, 2001
I'm outfitting my Radeon 32mb DDR with a new heat sink and fan, and i need some tips on thermal pastes and general what not
well, use four drops of super glue on the four corner of the GPU and use AS or AS2 in the middle. This makes it much easier to remove the hsf than using AS epoxy.
If you dilute the AS epoxy with a drop of regular AS2 I've found you get the best of both worlds. It weakens the bond a little so the heatsink can be removed.

Whatever you do get rid of any OEM thermal compounds if you have them. They are either really horrible dried up frag tape or whiote paste covering only a fraction of the core. When I did this it droped the core temp on my Geforce2 GTS from 35C doen to 31C, that's under high load and with GPU speed turned well up!

Good luck.
If you don't like the idea of permanent (or semi-permanent) bonding, you can always do it the stone age way:

Get some garden wire. TIE the HSF to the GPU (don't forget the thermal goop) thru the four holes beside the GPU. Slack? No problem. Get a old, short pencil or two and stuff it in the loop behind the card to make the tie tout. Worked for me on my GF2MX for a couple of weeks till I found out the stupid thermal paste I 'borrowed' from my university lab was water based and had evaporated! (started having visual oddities due to heat problem but otherwise the unit was fine). Took it off again and reapplied the proper type of thermal paste and worked fine for a month till I swapped off that GF2MX for a supposedly 'more overclockable' one (which is the lousy, frickin' GAINWARD I'm stuck with today). This way, I was able to use old Pentium HSFs without spending $$$ for all those BLOrbs and Lasagna nonsense.