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Thicc copper plate recommendations (DIY GPU VRM heatsink)

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Jan 13, 2005
ok since no one in my back water town stocks any sort of raw copper plate i have to resort to buying online.

But since i am not able to see this in person i was wondering what you guys would recommend in terms of thickness for the copper plate.
i'm looking for something i can bend with a "metal brake" (see bench vice with some old bed frame chunks)

i have some aluminum heatsinks from old dell tower chipsets that are the perfect size if i chop them in half.

my plan is, bend some copper to make a base plate, solder the chipset heatsinks to the copper plate, drill/tap (or carrage screw and nut) holes in the plate to mount it to the board.
Apply to card with thermal pads.

I want to be able to go back to stock if i want to, only thing i would be spending on would be the copper plate and thermal pads In case if any one is wondering...
i just want something that can apply good pressure to the thermal pads when i get it mounted under the kraken g12
to be honest I'm not sure the copper cold plate would do a lot over the just using the aluminum base of the original heatsink. Or are you intending to harvest sets of pins by hacking the heatsink in "layers" and then solder down individual pin? I'm not really understanding where the brake comes into play, vs cutting up cold plates.

By the time you get up to 18g (0.040") the cost if sourcing on Amazon (probably not nearly the best place, but just to get an idea) would equal that of enzotec heatsinks.
its actually more of a way to be able to easily attach and remove the heatsinks using the factory mount holes. i know the aluminum heatsinks are going to be the limiting factor i figured using copper wouldnt make things worse.