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This is awesome

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Jan 6, 2001
Newville, PA
Well since I did the watercooling I knew I could keep the chip cool enough to where I could do a voltage mod to my mobo if I could find one, well after exstensive searching last night I found an article and went today and got the stuff I need. Before the watercooling the fastest I could get out of my 1G TB and MSI pro2a was 1242 11.5x108 or I could get 12x104, after the watercooling I was able to run at 1270 stable 12x106 and before the voltage mod I was never able to boot with the multiplier set at 12.5, I'm now running with the multiplier at 12.5x100 @ 2volts vcore, I'm using a 0-10K trimmer to adjust the vcore and still have alot more I could go. I want to see what I can get at this setting and I will go from there. I'm just tickled pink it worked and there is no way aircooling would have gotten it, right now at idle cpu is at 34C but my case side is off. It used to be 30-31C :( Guess I might be looking into a peltier soon. I'll try to keep anyone who wants to know posted on what I can get out of it now.
A little extra voltage really affects the temps! The Bird puts out more heat per square inch than a neculear reactor!
Hey Colin,
Well here is my first major update


I had it up to 1313 but the voltage regulator got really hot at 2.15 volts, although the wife just happened to blow out a candle when I smelled something funny so who knows. Right now it is at 12x108 at 2 volts totally stable when I had it at 1313 it was set at 12.5x106 at 2.15 volts, I still have a little room to play around I believe. The temps are 34C idle with 21C case temp full load was only at 36C seems weird.
I have it at 1310 now still at 2.0 volts I think I can get 1mhz more on the fsb but I might have to up the vcore to 2.05 I will try it tomorrow, I'm going to bed now.