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This is probably my finalized water cooling plan

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Apr 7, 2001
pls tell me if this sounds good! and i need to know if a water chipset cooler is for Geforce or mobo chipset

$150 Socket A kit from DangerdenDangerden
Conists of
MAZE 2 Water Block
Copper Cold Plate
Cooling Copper Cube Radiator
156 watt Peliter They are backordered so get a $38 store credit instead
1- 1/16", 1/8, and 1/4" x 6" x 6" Neoprene Sheets
Water Wetter 4oz
Free from store credit Artic Silver II from Dangerden
$15 YS Tech 128mm x 38mm Fan for Raditator runs at 131 cfm from
Sidewinder Pc
$53 Eheim 1048 Pump from here
the rest of the pipes i will get at home depot and if i figure out the chipset thing i will get that and a 2 T pipes too
Attached is a pic of my system i will be putting it on
Well, if you don't have a TEC, you really don't need the copper cold plate. Actually, I think that even if you do, you really only need one if you're going to be using multiple TECs.

Oh yeah, you'll probably also want a separate PSU for you TEC if you do get one...one that will supply the proper amounts of power to it. There are plenty of other posts in this forum with that kind of information in it, so I'll let you find it (especially since I don't know it off the top of my head)
check out becooling if you are looking for a chipset or video waterblock. What is your cpu? If you are using a 1.2 or plan on a overclock to 1.2+, a 156 watt peltier will hurt, not help. The cpu is putting out 70+watts of heat plus the 156watts from the pelt=226 watts of heat, the radiator you will be using only dissapates about 125-150watts of heat. Trust me, I already went that route and ran into big heating problems, if you want peltier cooling you will need somehting like the chiller block system or at least TWO radiators at best with lots of 120mm fans. And yes, you absolutly do need that copper cold plate for a 156 watt pelt
Sounds good but skip the TEC and the cold plate to start with.

How do you like Starband?
Since you are getting a socket a block, I'm assuming you are running a TBird or Duron. As Colin said, skip the TEC and cold plate. Most of the reading I've done shows little or no gain to supercooling the AMD chips. Watercooling itself will make a big difference, as least as far as consistancy of temperatures. and you'll save yourself some cash.
Ok im reallty new to this and the "tec" and "psu" ima programmer not a hardware man. Ps starbanding is awsome i broke the warrenty and have it hooked it to a linksys cable/dsl router and i get faster upload & d/l and multiple pcs w/out a proxy
hey acid, see you decided to go water. Good choice. Excellent setup! keep us informed on how everything is going.