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thsi is a stupid question

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Nov 19, 2002
WI (in my small bedroom dungeon)
I sorry but i had a brain fart um my question is that different ddr ram has different mhz i have pc2100 266 mhz i want to upgrade will my chipset and mobo like this change, i mean do certain mobos only allow up to so much mhz( my mobo can have up to 1 gig of ram)i now that not what i am asking but i thought maybe you should now that too, i want to upgrade to 512 pc2700 333mhz sorry for that stupidity nate


Aug 20, 2002
Hey most of us get those days ;) And welcome to the forums :D

Now to your question, no it does not matter. You can buy PC3200 and it will work in a system that only recognizes PC2100. The difference will be in your motherboard (BTW, what's your motherboard?). If your motherboard can get to higher fsbs (like 166), then you'd be able to utilize the PC2700 ram. But if you plan to overclock near those speeds, your PC2100 ram might not like it. If your motherboard does not have fsb options that high, then it will treat the ram like PC2100. If your motherboard can't, maybe you should look into just getting PC2100, maybe 2400 if your system can handle 150fsb.
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Jun 21, 2002
right :)

That's why I kept explaining to my friend not to use PC3500 as she told me to use PC3500 instead of PC3200 in the system I am building for her. It's not going to make a difference.