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Trouble shooting best application/result of cooling

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New Member
Jul 28, 2015

A lot of people have a lot to say about just as much things although not all of it comes from knowledge or is correct... so I thought I'd try here to try and get a general concise of how best to keep my rig cool and what to watch out for.

To start off with I've built my own PC and put a lot of fans into it, more fans more cooling right? Well perhaps. To me the components are as A goes into B and I should probably know more of a background as to what they actually do and how they do it. So what brings me here? I'd like to have like anyone else my PC running as best as it can, I would like to get my fans running in the best way to help with cooling and also get more performance if possible.

The problem:
I believe that my PC is running too hot, I have a couple of programs that display data such as GPU Meter, CPU Usage (both gadgets i believe), Core Temp 0.99.7 and I also utilise from the ASUS Suite II the ASUS Thermal Radar 1.01.29
Core Temp has recently runs between 47-86C with a high on core#0,#1 of 91C... Core Temp pops up and flashes Core#? too hot. Now Thermal Radar said at the same instance the CPU was running around 68-75C (72C-ish) whilst running Flight Sim I've had similar issues with others games recently... Now what do I believe, what is the actual temperature? What should it be running at and what's the limit? With some reading I've seen 90C is the CPU max range where others say 75C.

I believe that with the BIOS program that my PC is being overclocked by itself, I can have input on that but I believe I've just got it running at auto. I've got different readings for what the clock speed is from Core Temp 4043.93Mhz or from CPU-Z & from the ASUS Suite II the clock speed is 4170.3Mhz.

What is safe? Whats real? and what can I do for best result? Is it currently running unsafe?

Games I usually play are DCS, Arma, FSX, War thunder, Verdun etc


Case: NXZT Phantom - https://www.nzxt.com/product/detail/34-phantom.html
Fans: 1x 120/140mm? on lower front panel pulling in, 2x Coolermaster Excalibur 120mm on right side low pulling in, 1x 200mm top about the middle of tower pulling in/down, 1x140mm top at rear pushing down over; H80 water cooler with 2x Excalibur's on the radiator pushing and pulling air out of the case. There is also an NXZT fan sentry controller LCD with temp detectors that probably aren't where they need to be for AUTO function.
Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth-X79 LGA2011 8*DDR3 Quad GPU SLI
CPU: Intel Core i7 3920K 3.2Ghz 12MB cache LGA2011
Ram: Corsair 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz (2x8GB) Kit Vengeance
Power: Coolmaster SilentPro Gold 1000w Cable Managed
HHD: Corsair Force 3 120Gb SSD 2.5" SATA3 + Seagate 2Tb 7200RPM SATA3 HHD + WD 1TB
Monitor - x2 Asus 24"