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TRUE vs WATER: Comparison on OC'd i7 Platform.

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Didn't offend me. Just saying 'how it works' in a forum setting.

av been 2 moderators & vip. on various forums including ea uk.

iv seen the old "don't revive old threads" n stuff. thought iv personal never had a problem with it as long as it pertains to something that the original thread is talking about. i also see threads like like this one as keepers for future references & it is a good thread.

don't reopen old thread to keep the forums clean, but then i could have made a new thread that would have added more junk only for someone to say "there's already a thread like this"

then if it was down to not opening old thread and/or keeping the forum clean then surely moderators could & should delete all old threads that should never see the light of day again :)

anyway im sorry for posting in hear as i thought it would have been acceptable & please delete all my posts in this thread & i will make a new one.
I don't have a problem with this as jpMNTN wasn't spamming. If it were a problem, we would just set an automatic thread lock timer after a thread got so old.

However jpMNTN, you would get a better response if you started a new thread.
Howdy all! I forgot I made this thread, Haha!
Welcome jp! And thx Conumdrum, your content on these forums helped me out in the water cooling days more times than I care to remember.
Thx for the drop in Audio!