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uh, i started by pute this morning and..

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This happened to me as well. If it's the same thing, you mean on the graphical version it tells you how many wu's you've done, and it says 0. Is this correct? If so, the same thing happened to me. One day they restarted. I think Stanford may have flushed everything out, don't worry though, they're still counted and the points are still there.
it sounds likes it didn't save where it was when you turned off the computer. If that happens, it doesn't know where to start, so it starts over. I usually open and close folding a couple times whenever I reinstall it just to make sure it is working.

fold on!
Ebola said:
People turn off their computers?

I'm shocked.

haha, yeah some people just like to cut them off ;). do computers that are turned on and off get full credit as active users or it is just that you need one result in a week to be labled active??
I only turn off the power when I change a part or clean something. I think you just have to send in 1 wu a week to be active but even my p2 300 gets about 3 or 4 wu's done per week. it totally kicks. I hope i never get a protein29anat on it. that would blow.
whoa. I had to break out my mobo manual to check, but sure enough, there is an on/off switch.

Who knew?

I picked up an A protein on the slowest machine I have going, MMX 200, and it took a seven days :(.

But if it looks like a WU, smells, like a WU......

Lt. Max said:
ugh, damn, that means i just lost 46/100 WU's!!!! ahh!!! that took me 3 days to make (about 8 hrs a day)

now im on 6/100

That can happen sometimes. :( If the client is shut down at just the right time, while writing results, the wu can be lost. It hasn't been happening nearly as much as it used to though. Sounds like you need some of those bba5's or something similar that fold a lot faster. Too bad there isn't a way to choose for situations like that.
I've been folding for forever and I've never lost a wu. I must possess the folding gene. maybe thats why I'm an overclocking god.
Ebola said:
I've been folding for forever and I've never lost a wu. I must possess the folding gene. maybe thats why I'm an overclocking god.

folding, gene, hahaha lol :D


Lt. Max - I have had that happen to me a couple of times. Make sure the computer is always shut down properly :eek:
I believe that used to happen on a lower version all the time. I think it was 2.12. Could be mistaken but we had an epidemic a while back. what version are you using?

On the subject of shutting down, I almost had to do a clean install today because the registry lost a file during shutdown and scanreg /restore command was not helping. The system had PowerStrip overclocking the video card. I finally defied Helps suggestion that I use a recent registry backup and went for the oldest. This finally allowed the system to pass the registry scan performed during a reinstall of the OS and after doing the install everything is back minus PowerStrip. This was on my main system which I don't have backed up. Whatever you do guys don't actuate the power button. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! :beer: :beer: :burn: