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Upgrade Advice from Thermaltake Pacific DIY RL240 Water Cooling Kit

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New Member
Jun 8, 2016
I've installed this kit, and I like it just fine, in my Core p5.

However, I'd like to go to rigid tubing now as apparently i'm super OCD.... I want straight lines :)

If I'm going to convert I want to be sure I do it as painless as possible, and if I'm swapping things out anyhow. make sure there isnt anything else I should be doing at the same time that is best practice or improves my overall setup.

I'd also like to add something in to drain easily when / if necessary, which is one of the things i'm not exactly sure how to do.

So specific questions.

Is the radiator that came with the kit good enough, or if i take it all apart anyhow get a new rad?

Is there anything else I need I plan on getting PrimoChill 1/2in Rigid RevolverSX fittings, a bend kit, and petg clear tubing. Not sure if bends dont go so well or i just would rather put a 90 degree fitting in somewhere, whats the best rigid 90 degree to get.

Whats the best way to drain the current loop / whats the best way to build in an easier drain next time.

Thanks for the advice.