FRONTPAGE USB 3.1 Testing - ASUS Goes All In With USB 3.1 Capable Motherboards

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Nov 1, 1998
The push is on for motherboard manufacturers to get USB 3.1 capable products to market. ASUS is certainly doing their part as witnessed by their recent refresh to many of their Z97 and X99 motherboards making them USB 3.1 ready. Depending on the motherboard, ASUS will either provide USB 3.1 connectivity built into the motherboard's rear I/O area or provide a PCI-E expansion card. Additionally, ASUS plans to sell the PCI-E expansion card separately, so people that already own a compatible ASUS motherboard can come along for the ride too. ASUS was kind enough to provide the X99-A/USB 3.1 motherboard and a nifty USB 3.1 storage device for testing purposes. Let's dive in and see what kind of performance ASUS can squeeze out of this new USB 3.1 technology.
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Dec 4, 2011
Satan's Colon, US
3.1 ? Really ?

I haven't even found a use for my USB 3 ports yet. They'll die obsolete virgins when I upgrade to a socket 3512 , 64 core , ARM based , Pentium 37. LOL