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USB and DP/HDMI over Cat 5e?

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Jul 17, 2003
I am looking to move my main rig downstairs but with a twist.

I have about 5 Cat5e lines run into my office. I would like to move my machine into the basement and use the Cat5e for USB3, HDMI and DP. I do have 1 4k DP monitor which may be the breaking point of this thought exercise.

The idea would be to have my large, loud and hot machine out of the room and use the Cat5e to extend the mouse/keyboard, 3x monitors (only 1 is 4k) and maybe an external optical drive for the rare use there.

One idea are cheap ebay USB3 to RJ45 adapters. Could I run a small hub for the keyboard/mouse? I can't see much bandwidth there. I don't play any twitch games so a slight lag would hopefully not be felt.
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Distance would be about 10 feet. It wouldn't go through a switch but it would probably have a few feet (3?) in total with two patch cables.
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What you're looking for is a "HDMI KVM Over CAT" not sure if any do DisplayPort or not though.