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water cooling motherboard

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Jul 1, 2001
Is cooling motherboard chip and video card worth the expense
What can i expect in systen temp if I water cool them along with cpu?
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Well a while back I remember reading an article on watercooling the chipsets. But I can't seem to find it now.

Well anyway. It's not really that much more expensive. About $20.00 to $30.00 for the blocks (a piece). Well I guess that can get expensive.
But as far as performance from what I've read it can really help in obtaining stability at higher clock speeds.

I honestly dont think it would bring your system temps down all that much. Just guarantee you a bit more stability. But as far as watercooling a vid. card, you would probably achieve the same speed while overclocking with a bigger HSF on the card.

I've thought about watercooling the chipset and vid. card but never got around to it.

One guy named badger in these forums has a waterpeltier cooled Geforce. Looks cool as hell. He seems to get pretty good results with it. But thats with a tec on along with watercooling.
I guess you could cool the motherboard, like the southbridge/northbridge chipsets, however keep this in mind, if you hook the cpu,nb,sb in series with your watercooling rig, the end of that chain will probably be getting hot water so unless you want to have separate radiators,pumps, and lines then just get some blue orbs, some arctic silver epoxy, and epoxy them onto the chipsets directly. I use that on my kt7a and I can hit 152fsb with pc133 ram.
Look, my case temps are actually right on my room temp <ambient>. If you have adequate case colling, you dont need to water cool the chipset unless you plan on maxing out the power through it and raising the FSB to like, 180 or something. Other then that, just get some good air flow through the case.