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Water cooling not working as well as I hoped....any suggestions please?

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Mr. Grinch

New Member
Mar 5, 2001
This is my setup it is not cooling as well as I would like. What am I doing wrong?

1- VP6 w/ dual 800E's running 920mhz at 1.8v
2- 650w Enermax PS
3- 256MB pc133
4- New Dangerden cooling blocks, cold plates, 80w pelts, arctic siver.
5- New Becooling water res w/pump and smallish 120m radiator w/ 2 120m fans one on each side pushing the air out.
6- dionized water w/ small amount of Purple Ice and anitfreeze.
7- pretty good amount of silicone and foam around plates and pelts.
8- dielectric greese on cpu's

Anyway...I can get pretty low temps (not as low as I expected) at idle. About 44F and run about 50F under normal use. The problem is as soon as I run [email protected] or any graphics games the temps run upto about 90F. This is not what I was expecting. I have not done this before and could use some help. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?
Wow something is not right there my 866eb @ 1008 only reaches 86F under full load with a hedgehog/20 cfm fan. Did u say u had dielectric grease on the cpu this is ok to fill the holes in the socket to prevent condensation but dont use it as thermal paste. Also check your power supply and make sure you are getting the correct voltage under load, you may be underpowering your tecs sometimes you don't get the full 12v out of your psu unless there is a load on the 5v lead and i have no idea how you have things wired up.
Sounds like you may not be getting enough heat away from you pelts. What are your water temps?
try doubling your radiator size
note that 2 fans, one pushing and one pulling, will not double the air flow - nor the cooling
check your fan specs to see if they're better pushing or pulling (all fans are not equal)
make up a shroud to set the fans at least 1in away from the radiator face

you do need to know the water temps
check the pump output by the time needed to fill a 1gal jug (have someone else be refilling the resevoir) while pumping through the system lines

informed decisions are always better than (someone else's) speculation

be cool
When you say "dielectric grease on cpu's" do you mean you put dielectric grease between the CPU and peltier? Or do you mean you put dielectric grease in the socket?

You do have thermal compound between the peltiers, waterblocks, coldplates, and CPU right? Cause that how it's supposed to be. Also its a good Idea to clamp it all a little tighter when using peltier to ensure a good mating between everything. Peltier manufacturers recommend a few hundred pounds of force, but the CPU or Socket lugs can't handle that.

Hope this helped. A 72W peltier and watercooling will keep my 700E at 980 below zero under load, so something is up with your system.
If you aren't using thermal grease use it! I tried without it when i was beginning about a 20*C difference. And if you are using die electric grease that's probably holding up the temps big time. It's more of an insulator instead of a conductor so it's most likely trapping the heat. Goto radio shack and get some thermal grease for about 2 bucks. And if you already are using thermal grease you could need a larger radiator for both of those peltiers. Well hope that helps.