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First water cooling build with photos 600t

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i bought the silver stone 180mm fan part #sst-fm181 it has a rated ariflow of 65-150cfm and a static pressure 0.48-2.38mmH2O, don't know what it means but yeah.I also replaced the three noiseblocker fans with Cooljag Everflow fans R121225BU. I ran the same two test for 30 minutes and my cpu max temps were 69,67,66,70 and my gpu got to 52c.The computer is louder but i can turn the fans down with the controller.
2 680s and big boy i7 is allot for those two little rads. Good push/pull may help a bit, but a 3rd rad would help more! If the system is for gaming it will be just fine as is though.
Great job on the build and thanks for the pics. :thup:

I will have to agree with the others and set everything back to stock as you don't have enough radiators to exhaust that heatload. Overall temps should be ok at stock but those do seem pretty high when OC'd as if you were running them all on air which would defeat the purpose of money spent on watercooling but nonetheless you're good.
You sir need better raddage on the front rad. That fan isn't doing much at all. Your loop is set good, decent CPU mount but you need more cooling. Your at 120x2= xx sq mm of cooling and the front rad. Most of us with an overclocked 680 and a pretty hot CPU (TDP) at stock would run a bit more rad.

Tell us about your fans. And did you dump the crap ASUS software for temps and use what I SUGGESTED you use? If not redo it and use what I suggested before replying please.

That's what I was thinking...not enough raddage. I have more raddage on a single GPU.
thanks for the responses,it would be nice to add another radiator there just not enough room inside and i dont want to add an external rad, but for gaming and day to day the rads i have will do. maybe next project will be a full size tower and not a mid tower.
Ill be happy if my first loop turns out at least 25% as well as yours well done man.
I originally tried stuffing all my **** into a 600R Carbide series, really nice case... just not big enough for what showed up at my door :rofl:

Very clean build, and should kick *** for gaming and set it and forget it OC'ing!