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Water Cooling with high temps need help!!

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Mar 19, 2001
I just got my last part for my water cooling setup today so I put everything together. After I got everything together I purged the water for air and started it up and seems to be holding at 46c idle

that is worse thim my fop38!!!

Im using DD maze2 and the DD cube and a good size resivor for the 140gph pump
I have 85cfm of air sucking through the DD cube "120mm radio shack fan"
so Im thinking it is either the GPH that Im lacking or the cfm
I live in a very hot climate "bakersfield" but like I said my fop38 was doing 41c hella loud though
what do you guy recommend I do????
Im a little scared about tieting the maze2 screws any more sense I dont want to crush my 1.2ghz cpu
the spring that came with the maze2 are closed to 3/8" on all sides at the moment "from block to screw"
my case is also open if anyone wanted to know that...
right now my room temp is around 85f
note that the water seems a little hot when I touch the plasic
Im also using around 90% water 10% anifreeze
where is your resivor in relation to the computer, in other words how much tubing is the pump pushing the water through?

what order is the setup running in?
pump>>>maze>>>radiator>>>> pump is what ive seen the most also seems the most logical to me..

now when you say the water seems a little hot when you touch the plastic are you refering to the tubing or the res?...if the water isnt being cooled enough that maybe your problem..how large is the resivor? and what is the temp of the water in the resivor?

I think you may be right about the GPH but if the water is warm, your room is 85f, that could be your problem as well...rememberthe higer up the water gets pumped the slower it goes.
Im not using much tubing at all just enough for me to get the water where I want it maybe 2 1/2' of 3/8

Im talking about the tubing when I say its hot to the touch
I have no idea how hot the water is getting sense I have not temp probe now

Im also running pump->maze->radiator->resavor

the resavor it about 11" hight and 6" diametor

I think Im going to get a new pump like a 300gph
the pump Im using now is about 20 years old so it most likely pumping around 100gph instead of 140gph
Look at my sig. Those are the temps I get with my closed case, DD cube inside the case, a YS-Tech 131cfm 120mm fan sucking the air outta the cube, adn a Eheim 1250 Hobby Pump submerged pumping thru about 3 feet of tubing from DD and doing so at 315gph. You should get a better pump that pushes more thru the system because it looks to me that your water is absorbing the heat too fast. Plus, heard of an air conditioner? My room temp stays around 70-75F and I get these temps all the time. Try these things.
I echo that belief as well. You seem to be lacking in pump capacity. I have your setup which works fine. With the cube the pump will have to be at least 300GPH.
I'm about 60 miles North of you and understand your ambient temps. Your pump could be lacking. I have found the Danner 700 to be optimum with a Cooling Cube and Maze 2. You could also run distilled water and Water Wetter. It transfers heat better than antifreeze. But if your tubing is quite warm to the touch, the heat is getting into the coolant, there is just not enough flow to take advantage of the Maze 2 and Cubes unique properties.

BTW, I should be at the computer show in Bakersfield on June 16. Going to skip the Fresno show this weekend.
thank you soo much you guys Im going to try to get a new pump tomarrow and should I get a new fan as well?

how load is your fan that is sucking 131 cmf

well anything is better thin a fop 38 but how many degrees will I loose with a 131cmf fan?
Warlord2 (Jun 01, 2001 11:01 p.m.):
boy I was pricing some 300gph pump and they cost alot!!

does anyone know of a good pump that is around $20-30?

The danners I think. But I saw the prices myself, and what turned me onto the Eheim is that many here use it and say the quality is oustanding. So I got one and I have absolutely NO complaints on them. I can pump out 315gph up to 5 feet of tubing. Not many can beat that. The magdrive's and rio's seem to have a magnetic effect on ppl's components so I would stay away from them. Just a few suggestions. I feel the 70 bucks I paid for my 1250 Eheim is well worth the money. I will not be needing to change my pump anytime soon. Hehe.
The Danner 700 is about $55 from one of the online pet supply vendors.
Is the tubing coming off the radiator hot? Or just the tubing coming off the waterblock. If the tubing coming off the radiator is hot, then that means your pump is doing just fine, but your radiator isn't pulling it's weight. If not, then it's the other way around :)
About 5 * 4 * 4" without fittings. I would run it inline though. If you are running a submerged pump your plumbing order should be pump/reservoir, radiator, block. This way the radiator can take the heat the pump adds to the water out before it gets to your block.
If you water is running hot like yours is then try to put the rad before the block, also try getting either more cfm over the rad or try running a bigger rad. I am running at rio600,moded to sit outside the res,the a 1.5 gal res,the the water goes to the rad,a heater core i pulled from a 72 toyota pickup, then down to the block. I idle at ~24ºC with a rad inlet temp of 26ºC.

I did a few tests by putting the system under a load with the rad fan off until the rad temp gets to about 110ºF then i turn on the fan to see if the rad/fan is working properly, I drop the temp from 110 to about 88ºF in under 5min. so after you get our new pump in tru a little test like that to see if you rad/fan is adequite.

just my two cents

Timmæy (Jun 02, 2001 02:05 a.m.):
If you water is running hot like yours is then try to put the rad before the block, also try getting either more cfm over the rad or try running a bigger rad

Having run this setup for several months with a 700 GPH inline pump, I know the radiator is up to the task. 84 CFM from a Radio Shack fan should work although the temps would drop about 4C with Two 100 CFM pushing and pullling the air through the radiator. The problem seems to be water flow. Note my temps dropped 3C when I switched from a Rio 600 to the Danner 700.
Colin Im glad that you told me what I would get with 2 100cmf fans

I think Im going to stick to one right now and see what I get

I might also try going resavor->radiator->maze2->resavor

see how much that will help

I alost tryed reseating the maze however that didnt get any better
I got a 350 gph water pump and am idling at 41c instead of 44c with the 140gph

my rotation is also changed resavor,radiator,maze,resavor

I think we all know now that I need some better fans for the dd cube

can measure how far there distance is between the block and the screw for the maze2?
and has anyone tryed lapping the maze2 and got better results?