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Water Wetter

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May 8, 2001
Glenolden Pa
I have had my water cooling system up and running for about 3 months now. It works great ! I decided to add water wetter to see if I would pick up any improvement in temps. My system runs at about 43c under a load. I added the water wetter and found that It did not make any difference.

Just some feedback for people considering using water wetter. I would not buy it expecting better temps but rather as a corrosion protection.

Almost forgot ! If you add it to your system , try not to get it on your hands. I have been around automotive chemicals all my life and usually not bothered by smells. Water Wetter does not want to wash off your hands. ( even after several washings ) The anti freeze odor stayed on my hands all night long to the point it bothered me.

Just some FYI / Billy
I assume you used the water wetter from dangerden? I have the same stuff. I just followed the instructions on the bottle and mixed it in a gallon of distilled water (4 capsfull I think). Since I've always had it in, I can't comment on any changes. But I have heard that it also protects the inside of your metal parts from corrosion, especially if you are mixing metals (copper, aluminium parts).

I used Water Wetter that is made by Red Line Oil . It is indeed the same stuff Danger Den sells.

huh thats only 1.5% waterwetter to water soulution and i beleive you want about three percent if im not mistaken you can go onto dangerdens site and i believe they have the recommanded mixture posted somewhere