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May 7, 2001
What type of waterblock should I get and where's a cheap place to get them?
I'm thinking an all copper waterblock.
Definately go with Becooling, little bit cheaper priced than Dangerden's and with their new blocks it'll definately beat out the performance of danger den's original blocks.
I'm really cheap, I stole one from work.! a bit big compared to most of the ones you will find (2.5" by 3" by 3\4"), It is also very simple design a TT patern. But the tunneling is 1\2 around, so it allows plenty of water to run through it. I had to drill and rig a way to mount it to my Slot 1 cpu though. I screwed up drilling the holes to big so I have to use zip ties to hole it on the cpu. I cannot find small enough screws at the hardware store to run through the holes on the cpu!
I could very easily stick 2 tecs on this baby. All I would need is a big enough cold plate which wouldnt be to hard to get my hands on. Tempting!
I like Dangerden because they are copper and well made. Copper conducts heat better, aluminum dissipates heat better and is cheaper. What ever you go with do not mix copper and aluminum, they will corrode each other. If you get a copper block, get a copper or brass tubed radiatior.
AcidBath (May 08, 2001 03:44 p.m.):
www.dangerden.com is the best one out there cheaply priced for all the hard work they put into them

I just ordered a DangerDen water cooling kit. The most highest priced one too. It comes with the new Maze2 for socketA. I will post here as soon as it comes in and I get it installed.
Dangerden's block test to be the best blocks out there. They are also rated at over 1000psi. It is top quality stuff there. It is a tad more expensive, but extremely high quality. They are good folks over there, and I have no problems recommending them to anyone.