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Weird Chieftec Question

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Jul 2, 2003
Err ok, I have one of those full tower chieftec cases.. . . . the question is with the AGP slot holster (the little screw that holds in the video card) - -

I dunno, I guess I've been screwing it in and out too much from removing my video card in and out lately. . . but I think the little hole that the screw goes in has been widened for some reason. Now when I put the screw in to hold down the video card, it just slides in, it doesn't screw in anymore. . . so I'm not getting a good hold on my 9700 Pro.

I've tried many different screws and everything, but they all just slide in or are too big - I guess if it comes to drastic measures I can use super glue, but I need a good hold for my 9700 Pro and Maze 4 GPU block.

Any suggestions?


Mar 3, 2003
New Jersey
it seems the threads of the hole have been stripped. you can use a screw and a bolt (home depot has plenty of these:) ), a much more secure method. use one of smaller size than the hole, so you don't strip the threads of the new screw.


Dec 5, 2003
Mile High
Your hold down screw is either stripped ( look at it and see) or the stamped threaded hole it goes into is stripped ( likely).
You should be able to just run a nut on the outside end to secure it.
It will be a 6-32 thread.

How come PCs aren't metric yet?


Aug 6, 2002
Forget tapping the thread or wasting your time.

Get a screw of any size (same size or smaller then the hole but a little longer then the stock screw) and a nut.

Put the nut on the bottom and tighten the screw into it.

If you are a hardcore worry-freak then proceed to locktite the nut in place.

Problem solved.

*Takes off Engineer hat*