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weird problem

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New Member
Jun 11, 2001
my system:
i have a thunderbird 850 @ 950 (reg error at 1000 and cant be stuffed FSBing)
256mb pc133 ram (default settings)
asus 32mb geforce2 gts (no overclocking)
msi k7tpro2a newest bios and 4in1

my computer crashes about every hour in 3d games like cs and q3. ive tried using different drivers, reinstalling the game, but nothing has worked. its not overheating, cpu is at about 40 and vid is about 35. it might be because i have handled my gts poorly but that shouldnt be the cause coz if its stuffed that way it shouldnt work at all.
so can i please have some help on how to solve my stability problem?

and dont think i am a newbie just coz its my first post here.
don't worry about being flamed here, this is the best group of people anywhere on the net. Welcome to the forums, hope you are here to stay! On to your problem. Where are you getting those temps from? Is that a bios reading or a monitoring program reading? Also, is it an idle reading or a load reading. To get a load reading run something like Prime95 or F@H to load the cpu to 100% and take your reading from a program such as MBM5. If those happen to be your idle temps you could very well be overheating. What heatsink are you using and what compound/tape is between the CPU and the heatsink? I would suspect you have a temp problem, maybe from bad airflow and under games your system goes up raising the ambient which would push up your cpu temp. This real;ly smells like a cooling problem to me.

PS, how long have you hanged around the forums? I know this is your first post, but you joined before i did! And Dan, don't move this elsewhere until SyN gets a chance to see where its destination is deemed to be.
i think i have been in these forums before, but probably so long ago i dont even know i had an account......
so i created a new one
thanks for the warm welcome, jedi

msi pcalert3 is telling me cpu at 29 and case at 21
and my air con is telling me the room is 14
asus vgaprobe is saying 26

those are readings from idle times
its winter here and the ***** still crashes
i have an alpha heatsink 6035 (i think) with a good, noisy fan artic silvered. my videocard is also artic silvered and is cooled by a blue orb heatsink with a 5cm fan attached

ill post another reply after ive done teh prime95 and mbm5

sorry if this post is in the wront place...hey, im new :p
just tell me if it does get moved
Daniel ~ (Jun 11, 2001 12:46 p.m.):
Post moved to "Video and Soundcards"

I have had a similiar problem with my computer using a slot a and tbird900. When i play 3dgames for about 10-30 min the game drops half frame rate and wont lockout but will eventually go back to full speed 30-60sec down the road. I only overclocked the cpu 100mhz so it would be 1000mhz using a 7ix motherboard. I have to run the cpu at 1.87 v or 1.97 which wont work. Could this be a heat issue or is my gfd flawed?
Have any of u tried to format ur hard drive? That can really make wonders...
Just a thought
dont wanna format.....
i dont have anything to back up with
I'm gonna say heat. I know you said your temps are 35 for the card, but how are you measuring them?

Just really sounds like intensive gaming is heating the card up slowly. Does it crash the game or the entire system?

Oh and.......Welcome to the forums! Like he said.....we've got a good group here....don't worry about being flamed. =)