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What Am I Doing Wrong?

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Storm Watch

New Member
Oct 19, 2002
Castaic, CA
Okay I just got done running 3DMark 2001 SE and my Radeon 8500 128 performed like crapola. In additon I ran PCMark 2002 and it informed me that my FSB was only 66Mhz!!??

I checked the BIOS and I'm supposed to be running at 100Mhz. In fact, there isn't even a slower option.

The MoBo is an ECS K7S5A. I know it's not great for overclocking but according to the diagnostic software it's not even performing at "Stock" level.

What gives? What have I missed?


Jan 24, 2002
It's a known fact that PCmark reads almost the FSb on a ks75a mobo as 66mhz. It's just a glitch in the proggy. nothing to worry about.

What was your 3dmark score and what cpu speed were you at?


Aug 30, 2002
Vancouver B.C. Canadia...yes, Canadia
make sure all of the mobo drivers are installed correctly, and you have all of the Sis updates, they made a driver you can get on the ECS website. I installed all of my drivers and got a 1500 more points in 3dmark
i have the ECS K5s7a, and it freaked me out when i saw my fsb at 66. I was like "OMG!!! WTF!!!" but turns out i was running at normal speed.


Nov 21, 2002
North Carolina
as far as the 66mhz fsb.. it is reading an external clock, even SisSandra will contest to that... but what exactly it is i dont know either
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