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What are your water temps? Idle, gaming, & full load.

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Aug 23, 2007
So I am a bit curious as to what water temps people are getting on their systems, not the temps of your video card or processor, but the actual liquid temps. My front rad is pulling fresh air in and my top and rear rads are pushing air out. I found that my front 360 fans need to run faster than my 2 exhausting 240 rad fans in order to ensure I have positive pressure in the case so that the exhausting rads have air to actually pass through them. I didn't realize how much of a difference that actually made for my water temps as I used to just have all the fans on the same controller spinning at the same speed. As I do a lot of gaming (PlanetSide 2 on ultra settings DX11) my VEGA 64 runs at 100% and my 8700k runs around 40% or so while gaming giving me over 200FPS in easy parts and around 100FPS in massive battles w/ hundreds of people and explosions everywhere (last night was epic for this).

Ambient around 22°c
Idle = 25°C and around 28°C when the room is much warmer after a gaming session.
Gaming = 32°C - 36°C (The room starts to get warm so I tend to open a window and then the temps drop again)
Full load = 38°C has been my max water temps so far doing some benching and hard overclocks.

I fully understand that my water temps are meaningless to anyone else's system but I have been curious about this for a while wondering what other people see for their water temps.

Thanks in advance!

I don't know. I plan to fix this in an upcoming loop upgrade. Right now I measure the exhaust air temp. I use a 3C offset based on shooting an IR thermometer at the fins themselves. Probably not super accurate, but good enough for fan control tbh. Keep in mind these are just one rad.

Of course the temps have a lot to do with fan curve, idle temps are at silent fan settings, ramping up to full at 40c.

Idle 32C
Moderate load (i.e. folding GPU + CPU) 37C-38C
Heavy load (i.e. gaming max settings 300+ watts to the GPU) 39C-41C

Interesting what you've found with the positive pressure. I guess every case is different. In my case I noticed that the difference between running my intake fans at a straight 800rpm and full speed at heavy load is ~1C.
As a benchmark for an extreme overkill of radiators. My idle loop temp is about 3 degrees above ambient, underload 5 degrees above ambient, max recorded 7 degrees above. All temps measured when fans are at 50% RPM. Cooling is handled by 4*200*200mm radiators configured in pull horizontally orientated.
i can tell you mine is well over the recommended delta T of i think 10 degrees? i bet mine is every bit of 20 degrees over... this 7800x is a power hungry beast. with a 240 rad and 3krpm fans i literally cant go past 4.5ghz under load. idle i think she can do over 5ghz easy just cooling this beast.
Same... last I checked it sat around 28-29C idle (after sitting for like 30 mins). After gaming for a couple of hours it was around 35-38C?

This is 7960x 1.16V 4.3 GHz and 16c/16t (HT disabled) with a 3x120mm swiftech radiator and 3x yate loon 120mm fans set as quiet as they will go at all times.

My gaming temps max... a couple of cores will hit 60C the rest lower.
This is all great info, I'm happy to see people sharing their unique stats!