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what do i need to do to overclock

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Apr 21, 2001
I just ordered a Amd Athlon 850mhz chip and a epox EP-7KXA Slot A - VIA Apollo KX133 AGPset . it still hasn't came in the mail. I would say I will have it in one week or two

right now I have a cyrix MII 300 with a abit tx5n mother board that will be coming out of the case. I tried to over clock it before and everything I tried wouldn't work. I would get the blue screen of death.I know Cyrix isn't good for over clocking.. but I see people talking about having to solder stuff on the mother boards and talk about soldering wires accorss the little resisters on the cpu... will I have to do that for when I get my Athlon?

in case any of you have a dead cpu. try this
I over headed the Cyrix before and it died. wouldn't work.. I was playing and I re solderd all the little chips on the bottom of the CPU and it came back to life.. I did that for a few friends also that had a dead cyrix.. and it worked with all of them even re solderd the chips ontop of a amd for a friend. and it worked after wards. I guess the solder got to hot and made a cold solder joint