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What is better: 1.33 GHz or 1700+

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Instead of getting what I was posting about before(mostly due to me realising that I would be spending $100 on a mobo that I'd only be able to use once with the slowly dying 32-bit x86 platform) I'm debating about getting a 1.33 GHz Athlon or a 1700+. I'm ordering from Newegg. I've heard the 1.33 GHz puts out the most heat of any Athlon CPU. My current mobo (Chantech 7AJA2E) has the wierd limitation of 1.4 GHz max so if I get the 1.33 GHz I'd be overclocking it to 1.4 and if I get the 1700+ I'd be underclocking it (though only by 30 MHz). I don't want to spend too much on cooling so I'm going to be getting a Volcano 7+ to go with whatever I get.


Oct 3, 2002
Louisiana Tech University
Mr.Radar, I did a little research into your board. It appears to use the KTE133 chipset, which is virtually identical to the KT133A. Therefore, the board should have no problem running a 133mhz FSB processor, as long as 133mhz is an option in the BIOS. I also discovered that the 7AJA2 and the 7AJA2E are almost identical, with the differences being the chipset and the addition of dual BIOS on the 7AJA2. The 7AJA2, since it *officially* supports 133mhz FSB CPUs, has a BIOS update to allow these processors to be recognized. The 7AJA2E, on the other hand, does not, because it does not officially support a 133mhz FSB. That being said, there's really no reason you couldn't spring for a 2400+ (a 2ghz CPU). You could probably flash your board with a 7AJA2 BIOS, but unless you have the tools to recover the BIOS in case of a mishap, I wouldn't recommend it. Anyway, just because it says 1.4ghz doesn't mean that's the limit. My advice is to go for the best 133mz FSB Athlon XP you can afford. The board will most likely just say 'Unknown CPU' if it doesn't recognize the chip, but it'll still work.

To answer your original question, the 1700+ is the faster chip.