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Where Can i Get Liquid Nitrogen

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Jan 8, 2001
I'm Looking for a liquid Nitrogen cooling system please post links if any ones know of any.
Liquid nitrogen isnt exactly a system, its a temporary thing that whackos try, lol. In all seriousness though, liquid nitrogen evaporates very quickly, and its not something you can use like water for cooling, also it requires special handling...you cant use it with a fully assembled working computer...if you want to get wild with cooling freon is the way to go, you can build your own if you have the technical know how <its no walk in the park> or buy something like the astek vapo-chill, its reviewed on tomshardware.com if your interested.
Not to mention, its very very hazerdous...I wouldn't wanna get that crap on me. Think if you flipped it over and it got it on your wang....OUCH...hehehehe ;D
I don't think there is a LN2 system. But you could try it as they did on http://www.octools.com there's nothing wrong with being wackos cause overclocking itself will slowly pull you into wacko state...if you're hardcore that is :).

na all u gotta do is wear gloves and not spill it. the wackos are us idiots playing with freon u cant even breathe the ****. haha

ln2 costs about 25 us dollars per 10 liters. 10 liters lasts approx 3-4 hours when cooling a cpu and gpu.

i do not know of an ln2 system but when i get a job it sounds interesting enough to try. well to blow the money on research for. i think this will be a collage prodject.