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Where is it?

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Jan 4, 2002
Brick, NJ USA
i am looking for the program that lists the tasks your computer does when it starts up (ie loading programs) i thought it was regedit but i now dont think so...i remember it had 3 text files in it but i dont remember them...does this ring a bell to any1? i want to stop all of these files from starting up when i boot my computer and i know this will do it. also was this something that only windows 95,98 had?
Try start->Run->MSConfig
There is a list of proggies that start on boot up.
thanx that is basicly what i want but i have an error when i start up that i also want to fix...isnt there a text version of this somewhere?
type sysedit into your run box

what os u running and are u just looking to see whats in your startup group?
Yeah, SYSEDIT is what you're thinking of.... I was thinking MSCONFIG too until you mentioned the text file windows...

Oh well... Hope that it all works out!
i am using windows me and it didnt work when i put that in...that is what i thought it was called but i cant find it on my computer anywhere...it must just be for older windows,does any1 know if i can do it in dos? my friends dad has done that before i will ask him later