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Where to find a Color Antec-type case W/O PSU?

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Feb 27, 2002
I have looked at a few places to order an antec-type case (sx1040) but was thinking of getting a color - like Blue, Green or Gray, and WITHOUT the PSU so I can drop in a Enermax 431w!
I seen some on Newegg and Directron but most all have the PSU already... I would rather not spend extra $$ on a case w/psu if im replacing it...

I found the basic beige one for only $53, and a black one but no other colors?

Any locations???:(
I just saw some colored antec-type ones today, but I’m not sure if they came with power supplies or not. Let me see if I can find that site.
You might want to check out this place. It’s not the one I was thinking about, but they got some cool colors.


You might also want to contact New Egg or whoever has them and ask ‘em if they’ll sell you a case w/o the psu. I asked the guys at http://www.antec-inc.com/ if they would sell me one w/o a psu and they said it would be no problem. Good luck!! :)
Do those Chieftec cases actually have the intakes on the doors stock? I see them in the pictures but have never seen one at a store with them.