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where to find turbo .pll chips + how-to

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New Member
Dec 28, 2000
I have heard about the Asian sites installing a turbo .pll chip to get fsb's in the range of 150. Where can I find info on how to get one and how to install it without completely screwing up my mobo.

Also I want it to use it on a socket A board, I can find a bunch of stuff for the original athlons but nothing for a t-bird. Where to go?


For those of you that don't know what the heck I'm talking about, the only reason why AMD boards don't overclock fsb-wise very well is because AMD and/or manufacturers supplied them with crappy .pll chips. (at least I am under that impression)
Just wait a few more weeks for boards with KT133A chipset to surface. They will have true support for 133MHz FSB. As for Tbird OC info, they OC just like Durons do.