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Which DSL PCI Modem?

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Feb 27, 2002
Pompano Beach, FL
I am currently using an Alcatel SpeedTouch USB modem that I got from BellSouth.(FastAccess ADSL)
I think that my speed may be limited because I have 6 things using my USB. I know that it depend's on the internet traffic too, but I only get a best of about 147k down.
I want to try a DSL PCI modem. Can you suggest a modem? I want to share with another computer when I get it built.
Do you think this will help?

When i first got Bellsouth FastAccess Internet service they gave me that same modem... first day went by fine then the next day everything stops working cant get online and so on... well after 2 weeks of talking to them trying to resolve the issue they finally sent me a new modem thinking it would fix the prob... they sent me a 3Com PCI ADSL modem which is out of production... but after i got it installed... still no internet... come to find out they didnt set my IP and it wasnt the modem afterall.... but this 3Com is a hell of alot better than the Alcatel... chick this out http://www.geocities.com/geldib/fast.jpg
I have the same service and I'm using a SpeedStream Modem. I have great download (always around 1250) and my upload stays around 234K.

I left the USB and purchased a NIC card. Makes things alot easier.
SpeedStream USB modems are total garbage. Call your ISP's tech support and see if they will exchange it for a Ethernet modem. Why? Because PCI modems arent much better than USB.
I called and they wanted $160'ish for another modem!
I have had this service for a year now but I am just learning that I may be able to improve my speed. So many other people get much better speeds than I do. For $45 plus tax per month, I want all I can get!
Using a Speedstream and it works flawlessly, top grades on speed from pcpitstop, into a Linksys router w/firewall, could'nt be happier. Non USB, by the way.
I use the internal PCI Efficient networks speedstream 3060 from Bell south and very happy...always around 1257 on dslreports. I have the 4060 too but it drops about 200pts so I don't use it.
Stay away from Alcatels Speed Trouch PC Internal DSL modem. It is junk. PacBell tried to push it off to me as WinXP compatible, but it wasn't.
I'm using an Alcatel ADSL 100 external modem and I also have a Westtell external modem.

They both seem to work great as far as I can tell.
DONT GET A PCI MODEM. Both the PCI modems (3060 and 3com Homeconnect PCI) are complete and total garbage. Bellsouth does not ship them anymore for a VERY good reason. If you have had the modem for over a year you are out of warranty and you can order a new ethernet modem at the normal price of $125. Call back and if they tell you $160 again please PM me and I can get it taken care of.
Ones I like as a tech are the eficient networks 5260/5360 and Westell wirespeed. Stay away from usb and internal pci modems. They dont offer the performance and flexability of an external modem that connects via cat5.
I use Siemens SpeedStream NIC and SWBell's Effecient SpeedStream DSL modem (non-USB). I have consistant download rates and ingame pings (unless it's something out of my control like crappy servers where everybody downloads slow or has bad ping). I get about 1.2/128 actual throughput... and i'm 14.8k from my CO. I can say, i'm happy. :)
I use a Netgear DG814 modem. It includes a firewall (NAT) and a 4 port 10/100 router. It requires no software to be installed for it to work and it can act as a DHCP server so it will handel the IP addresses of all of your computers.

I think it is the best think since self adhesive stamps!!!!!