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which mobo A7V or KT7 for Tbird 700?

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New Member
Dec 27, 2000
I am in the process of buying a new mobo and wanted to know which one was better for oc'ing. I am leaning toward the KT7 becasue of its softmenu III but have heard this board can be very troublesome. Also if i do get the KT7 does anyone know what kinda ram is best for it?
Both boards are great boards. If you can find it get VC133. Virtual Channel memory has the benefit of 4% more memory bandwidth. If you can afford to buy a couple of sticks and enable memory interleaving. That is if memory interleaving is compatable with VC ram? I'm not sure if it is or not. Anyone know for sure?
dont know much bout the asus but i run a kt7raid with 512megs "generic"
(actually infineon) and a 800tbird @
1000 and its just fine and stable so i think i can recommend the abit