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which one is better, xp2200, or xp2100?

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Aug 28, 2003
im happy with both the xp2100 and xp2500. it just depends on your budget. the xp2100 is a great overclocker and would kill the xp2500 in mhz (from what i have tried). but for 20 bucks more, you get the 2500barton. i havent tried out the 2200, but i wouldnt think there is a great difference.


c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
People assume you're talking about a specific core but you shouldn't before buying, you know, not 2100+ Palomino, not 2100+ Thoroughbred A but 2100+ Thoroughbred B.

Not 2200+ Thoroughbred A, not old 2200+ Thoroughbred B, not a locked 2200+ Thorton but maybe a 2200+ unlocked Thorton which overclocks pretty well and people who know how to mod CPUs can enable the extra cache Thorton has on its core, turning it into a Barton.



Apr 7, 2003
i havent tried out the 2200, but i wouldnt think there is a great difference.

I have. If you're talking about tbred B's, my sig chip just rips apart my xp2200B (AIUHB 0251) that I have running in an FIC AN19E at 174*[email protected] 1.725v. Went up to 1.8v and it didn't matter.

I won't buy another 2200 tbred.

Btw, I have an xp2200A, too. Even worse.

EDIT: Oh yeah...my very best to all of you out there and enjoy your holidays.

Happy to be here,
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