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Whoa! maybe a cause why some of us can't o/c well

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Aug 27, 2001
Chico CA
Interesting article, Miknow...sure glad my Abit board wasn't on their listing of suspect mobos...
Of course, I haven't had those kind of problems since I got rid of my old DFI mobo...It was a POS...maybe it had bad caps...:eh?:

Mr B

Senior Admin Emeritus
Dec 28, 2000
East Bridgewater, MA
jstnomega said:
Guys! Ya really gotta check the ft page of this site more often. Ed's been on this like white on rice for some time now.

Yes he has....good to see some do get around to the Front Page here....;)


Aug 18, 2002
I have 1 KA7 and one KA7-Raid that BOTH have popped caps - JPCON brand. I haven't gotten around to repairing them, as it's almost impossible to find the same exact size caps, and the more common larger ones don't quite fit in some areas = "make fit"

They still work just fine under normal clock settings though :D, even with ALL the power caps blown.

If this gets double posted, the forums were running incredibly slow once I hit reply the first time, refreshed & my post wasn't there.... so...