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who's getting a 3.06ghz p4?

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Jul 17, 2001
perth, Australia
come on guys, 3ghz, Hyperthreading means you can run 2 instances.
Im guessing you could get 15 WU's or so a day.
TC you got a new job, you know you want one!
3.7GHz would be nice but I just dropped some cash on a shiny new 2400+ to play with. I think I'll wait until Jnauary and see how the bank statement looks - oh and those CC bills are bothersome.
I'll wait for a little while myself. Well, until they drop off of the $700+ price tag. If history repeats itself, they should be around $350-$400 in about a month:D
Have you read the article in the main page?

I really value Ed's opinion and comming that this might be the last processor in the Northwood core.....might it be worthwhile to wait and see?

If HT comes to all the lower cores of C1 stepping, would it be better to get a lower frecuency (and cheaper) PIV and wait for the Granite Bay (Rapid City)+PIV Prescott with HTII?

We all know that Intel and AMD brand their processors as demand dictates so imagine you can get a 2.8 or 2.4 C1 PIV that can do HT and can easily overclock near 3.5GHz!!!!! and with the reduced pricetag of $150-$200 instead of the premium they are asking for the 3.06.....

So I would suggest to keep on the waiting and lets see around X-mas how things fare.....besides I'm waiting for a dual DDRAM board with dual PIV :D (Wouldn't that be nice.....anyone has any rummors about PIV and dual systems?)
You can wait on anything - any time you buy something there will be something else to buy in a few months. If you always stick to that concept of waiting you'll never have a solid reason to buy anything. Wait for the price to drop a little and buy something. Play with it for a while and dump it when something new comes along. I know where Ed is coming from - but he seems to always have the attitude that he's writing for people that can only buy one thing for the next two years.
I agree with you Tim, but maybe I one of those that Ed's writing is targetting.....I really wnat to keep my rig for at least 2-3 years, that will be until I need to change it as games don't run well anymore. Also I'm upgrading at different times all the components in my system.

Anyway, I think that PIV has reached a sweet point, but I'm still with a less than 1 year old rig so I'll wait a little bit more :D
Although I am buying often a CPU a year, I found that ED's approach is usually the smart one.
It is about what you are after :
bragging right, fun, CPU-hungry-real-must-have-killer-app, peace of mind, full machine for 6pack-joe, grandma AOL machine, videogame-kiddie dream machine.

His target audience is more the questionning overclocker rather than the overclocker-which-knows-it-all.

In fact depending on my whim and the amount of spare change, I am a kind of mister Jekill (get the latest)/ doctor Hyde (get the most bang for the minimum bucks).

Aren't you the same ?