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Windows 11 license w/ new hardware

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Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
Hi All,

I want to install a new MOBO not sure about activating windows after.

  • If I leave my OS as is, install the MOBO, can I still go into system recovery and "reset this PC"?
I am concerned that my windows license will not be recognized when reinstalling win 11 pro. I do not have an activation key, the PC came with windows installed. I know I can reset the pc via windows and it will give me a clean install, just not sure after a major hardware change.

Here's an easy way to retrieve your current Windows Activation key. Rename the file's extension from txt to vbs, then double-click it.


  • Key_Finder.txt
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reviews for that site are super sketch w/ many people saying their keys did not work. This is a work pc for a business, am looking for no sketch.

  • If I leave my OS as is, install the MOBO, can I still go into system recovery and "reset this PC"?
As long as the replacement mobo is the same as the old one, then you don't have to do anything. Worse case scenario is you call the 1-8XX number to reactivate. Easy peasy lemon squeazy just as Joe suggested.

If the new mobo is different by a model number, then still: You have to call the number to reactivate windows. I've done it a bunch of times.

*Edit* Come to think of it I'll be doing the phone call method once I replace one of my drives in raid-0 of my OS.
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Wow, this was far easier than I imagined. Installed the mobo and left windows installed.
  • Booted up just fine.
  • Checked "about PC".
  • Saw a notice that this windows version was not active.
  • Clicked on it, windows noted the hardware change then asked me if this was the PC I was using, I selected it and presto...pc is now active.
Now I can reinstall windows as it recognizes the hardware change and I wont need to call to activate or buy a new key.