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Wired computer to wireless network adapter?

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Jul 18, 2002
Fullerton, CA
I am currently looking at the equipment available for home networking. What I would really like is a wireless access point that would connect to a computer's wired network port. I don't see anything like that though. I do see wireless access points that connect to a computer's USB port. Is what I want out there? I suppose I could do it by buying a separate router for each computer (they typically have both wired and wireless connections), but that would be a rather inefficient allocation of funds.


Jun 2, 2003
I think that I was in the same position. Originally I had a cheap linksys befsr41 router but needed to add a wireless connection. I didnt want to change everything to wireless tho. Just one computer. I ended up replacing the router with a wireless access point router. It was about 80 bucks. It can take Both wired and wireless. So you can have both connection types and you only use 1 box with no additional hardware other then the card that goes in the wireless pc. A bonus because there isnt crap all over the place.

There might have been a cheaper way but for 80 bucks or so and there was no hassle.


Jul 24, 2002
Folding in Diamond Bar
Check best buy. They have had some sweet wireless deals and same for Frys.

dnewhous - I ended up replaceing my linksys for a wifi DLink thats 22Mbps. The City Of Industry store knows a good deal about wireless netoworking, everything they told me was correct. I'd also check out the Dlink DI-624. It is 802.11b and g and goes 108Mbps! Dlink sells it for $100 but Im sure its cheaper other places.