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Thread: sata questions

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    sata questions

    i have one harddrive and i want to hook it up using sata. do i have to enable the Serial ATA controller or do i just choose serial ata as the first boot device in the advanced bios features? or do i have to do both?

    and i'm using tictacs D22 A1BK R2-TURBO sata4247.

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    First you need to enable the SATA controller and reboot. Then Windows will detect it, and you'll need to install drivers for it. Following that, shut it down and hook up the SATA adapter.

    If you don't have the drivers and stuff WinXP won't...see itself, i guess, on the SATA controller.
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    so i have to enable it in device manager then reboot. then turn off, hook it up and set it up in the bios?

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