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    Overclocking my E6600

    Hey guys. New to overclocking, so bear with me. Anyhow, I'm trying to overclock my E6600 to 2.8-3.0 but my motherboard will only go up to 2.5 for it to successfully boot. If I go above 2.5, it will keep coming up with the screen "press y to return to the bios, or press x to use previous settings" because it said the BIOS settings has changed. I'm assuming my motherboard has a cap for the overclock?

    My motherboard is: Intel D975XBX2KR (Bad Axe 2)

    Any help would be appreciated. Might I add, I didn't changed any voltage, just the bus.
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    Bump. Need some help here guys please.

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    i had a E6600 running at 3.6 for a yr and no problems, but i didnt have that mobo... maybe search the forums for that mobo and see what u should turn off and change in the memory department...
    cause i be tthat may be the issue..

    overclocking is more than turning up the fsb and no other changes...


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    more details needed. What RAM? What divider?

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    PSU: Apevia 600w
    Motherboard: Intel Bad Axe 2
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe (Cooler: Freezer Pro 7)
    RAM: Corsair 2GB 5-5-5-18
    HDD: WDC 150GB 10K RPM
    Graphics Card: nVIDIA 8800GTS
    Cooling: 1 exhaust (80mm) 2 intake (80mm) all fans apevia

    Idle temp: CPU: 39C - GPU: 48C
    Load temp: CPU: 45C - GPU: 62C

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