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Wow!  This was unexpected, but here I am again getting on the front page! So, what can TollhouseFrank do to top his last article on the myth of defragmentation improving HDD access times (which will hopefully run again in the future)?

This time THF, as I’m known to friends on the forums, needs YOUR help!  From everything I’ve heard from the content editors, my article was one of the best received in the short history of the new Front page.  Because of this, I was recently asked if I could start a series of articles based on busting “myths and wives’ tales” of the computer world.

I agreed that I would help out and do a series of articles based on this, hopefully once a month so I have the appropriate time to test each myth.

This is where you, the reader, comes into play.  As Mike Rowe does for Dirty Jobs, I’m here to ask for submissions to help make this proposed series of articles a reality.   If I choose your submission, be prepared to get involved!  I’ll make sure that I test your myth or wives’ tale and may even ask for your input on additional testing methods.

Just submit your ideas below or send me a message directly on the forum!

Myth Submission Form

Please submit your computer-related myth here for consideration for TollhouseFrank's column:

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