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Colorful iGame RTX4080 Advanced OC Review

Today we will present you with one more RTX4080 graphics card, which this time will be from Colorful. This less popular brand proved many times its high-quality products deserve more attention. Everything becomes even more interesting when we have in our hands one of the fastest graphics cards ever manufactured. The RTX 4080 is not the highest GPU from the new Nvidia generation but already shown it beats the last top, RTX3090Ti, and its starting price is more affordable.


Nvidia RTX 4080 16GB (MSI Suprim X) Review


Today, Nvidia took the covers off the RTX 4080 16GB graphics card. Based on the AD103 chip, you get everything the Ada Lovelace architecture brings except for the flagship-class price. Starting at $1,199, it’s slightly more reasonable than the $1,499-plus RTX 4090 we reviewed previously.

Gigabyte B650E AORUS Master Motherboard Review


Today we will look at one of the latest Gigabyte motherboards with the new B650E chipset, the B650E AORUS Master. The motherboard uses an Extreme version of the chipset designed to work with PCIe 5.0 devices, so it promises it will be a great option if we are planning to build a gaming PC for a couple of years and give us a window to upgrade.

Silicon Power XPOWER Zenith 32GB DDR5-5600 CL40 Memory Kit Review


The second year is starting for the DDR5 memory series, and we finally have a chance to check Silicon Power’s latest offerings. Silicon Power maybe isn’t the most popular brand, but it is expanding each year and delivers great products at a reasonable price. The new Zenith DDR5 memory series is precisely one of those products, so I’m sure it will interest our readers. Today’s review presents a memory kit that should meet the needs of gamers and all those who care about stability more than breaking world records. 


Nvidia RTX 4090 Review: MSI’s Suprim Liquid X Tames Ada Lovelace

Today marks the release of Nvidia’s new RTX 4000 series graphics cards based on the Ada Lovelace GPU architecture. According to Nvidia, the latest video cards provide the most considerable generational performance upgrade in their history, which is made by a few new key innovations, including the new architecture and core for faster ray tracing, improved harder execution reordering, and the new DLSS 3.0 which is said to improve frame rates up to 2x versus DLSS 2.0. Leaked benchmarks show the new series to be quite the performer, so without further ado, we’ll share all the details of the new architecture and specifications, then get into the benchmarks!

ADATA Legend 960 Gen4 M.2 NVMe 1TB SSD Review

For over 20 years, ADATA has provided the computer industry with the highest-quality memory and storage devices. The Legend 960 is a PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 NVMe SSD that continues this legacy. The sample ADATA has provided for this review is the 1 TB version, but a 2 TB is also available. Designed for the consummate professional, the Legend is marketed toward content creators, virtual designers, animators, and of course, gamers. Marketing aside, the Legend 960 is a performance-based solution with speed and data integrity at its core.

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MSI A1000G PCIe 5.0 PSU

MSI MPG A1000G PCIe 5.0 1000W Power Supply Overview


MSI was kind enough to loan us its latest version of the popular A1000G PCIE5 power supply. In this overview, we take a look at the features and specifications of the new PCIe 5.0-capable power supply. With Intel’s current 12th Gen Core processors and the soon-to-launch Intel 13th Gen and AMD’s Ryzen4 AM5 CPUs, PCIE5 will finally become the mainstream connector for high-end GPUs and NVMe SSDs. We start by looking at the specifications table.

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