Nvidia Releases GeForce Game Ready Driver 536.99 WHQL


Nvidia has just released its latest GeForce Game Ready Driver, version 536.99 WHQL. This new release brings improved DLSS support for Baldur’s Gate 3, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Gord. Additionally, updates to GeForce Experience optimize several other games like Exoprimal, Lost Judgement, Remnant 2, and more. We have included Nvidia’s press release below with links to download the new driver.

Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 536.99 WHQL

Today NVIDIA released a new GeForce Game Ready Driver for Baldur’s Gate 3. This driver also supports DLSS in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Gord.

Baldur's Gate 3
Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3
Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 Gets a DLSS Performance Upgrade By An Average Of 93%!

After three years in early access, Baldur’s Gate 3 has officially launched. GeForce Gamers will get the definitive Baldur’s Gate 3 experience by playing on a PC equipped with a GeForce RTX graphics card, or via the cloud on GeForce NOW.

GeForce Gamers can max out graphical quality with NVIDIA DLAA or crank up the frame rate with NVIDIA DLSS 2 – GeForce RTX 40 Series desktop graphics cards increased performance by an average of 93%.  Thanks to DLSS 2, most GeForce RTX 40 Series gamers –and those with comparable cards– can play Baldur’s Gate 3 at 4K, with every setting maxed, at over 60 frames per second.

More Game Ready Goodies and Upgrades

  • This is the driver to use for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Gord both launching with DLSS 2
  • The new Game Ready Driver adds GeForce Experience’s one-click optimal settings for 6 new games:
    • Exoprimal
    • Jagged Alliance 3
    • Lost Judgment
    • Portal: Prelude RTX
    • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
    • Remnant 2

About Game Ready Drivers

GeForce Game Ready Drivers deliver the best experience for your favorite games because they are finely tuned in collaboration with developers and extensively tested across thousands of desktop and laptop hardware configurations for maximum performance and reliability.

NVIDIA’s Game Ready Driver program was created from the ground up as a method to provide the best gaming experience possible. This program creates a synergy with game developers, establishing a regular cadence of exchanging pre-release game builds and drivers. We work together on finding optimizations and resolving issues, and iterate builds accordingly to ensure both the game and the Game Ready Driver deliver the highest quality and performance at launch.

Download here.

-John Nester (Blaylock)

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I actually have BG3 and been running the latest driver for my 2080, which is this one.

Some noticeable screen tearing in cut scenes. Some costume clipping as well. Dunno if it's driver or game engine issue, but that's that.

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I have no problems with BG3 on one of the older drivers. I don't know what FPS I have, but the game shouts at me that I don't have compatible drivers and I should update, but everything works well. I'm playing on a power-limited RTX3070 (~70% max power limit).
I saw some articles on the web about BG3 performance, but I don't get why anyone would care if there is 60 or 120+ FPS when it's a turn-based game. As long as there is no tearing or other animation hiccups then all is fine.

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