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Thermalright Releases New Fanless Heatsink: HR-02

Thermalright has recently brought to market a huge new ‘fanless’ CPU heatsink for most sockets including 775, 1156, 1366, AM2/3, and 939 called the HR-02. The HR-02 is touted as having the cooling capacity to be able to run fanless. According to, who is one of the few sites that has had a chance to review this piece, there are several design implementations that help this monster achieve that bold statement.

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Patriot Inferno 100GB SSD Review

“A solid state drive (SSD) is the greatest single upgrade you can perform on a modern computer.” At least that’s what we’ve been told at one time or another. SSDs have come a very long way since their first release. They’re more reliable, larger and most importantly, their cost-per-gigabyte has come down. Today we’ll see if that modern day adage is true as we examine Patriot’s high performance Inferno SSD.