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3DMark 2000 scores...want to compare.

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Apr 26, 2001
Well, here is my 3DMark 2k score.
System configuration is below. DX8a was used with 12.40 beta Det 3 drivers.
My score with Tbird 1200@1400 and Asus 7700 (geforce2 gts) is about
Do You have via 4 in 1 installed?
here is mine at default with the earlier via 4 in1 's and the 10.80 nvidia drivers
How do you guys capture the screen shots?

With my system as described in my signature, using an overclocked Hercules MX (200core/200memory) and Detonator 11.01 drivers (anti-aliasing and V-sync enabled for better video quality hence slightly lower scores).

3Dmark2000 score was 5615.

I'm hoping for much better scores with a new vid card. Looking for a bargain on a new 64 meg GF2 Pro/Ultra or GF3. Prices on the Pro are starting to really look good if you're on a budget.
To get screenshots of your scores, press ALT+Print Screen.
Paste the image into a program that supports jpg/gif and save it.
Using the brand new beta Detonator 12.40 drivers with an overclocked (205 core/203 memory) and cooling modded Hercules Prophet II MX video card, I got a nice new high score this morning.

That's a nice score you got there Batboyee. GF2 MX dont score well on those benchies but I think your silky pie P3 1071 did a good pushhhhhhh. Nice score. And very clear image quality you posted there.. is it a regular JPEG you used or what? because the JPEGs have **** picture quality and so I use GIF file. They're small and produce much cleaner image.
DuronManiac (May 18, 2001 05:03 p.m.):
Yes...I have 4-in-1's installed, version 4.31's.
The GeForce2MX is a MX200

I'm wondering WHERE THE F*** do you get the VIA 4.31 4 in 1 drivers I can only find the 4.29s on VIA's website.
You're right about my MX card holding me back now. I gotta get something better, soon. On the other hand, I think that's a pretty good score for a mere little MX card.

I've just decided to get a new Hecules GF3 after I make one more credit card payment... hehehe. Seems like it's always one or two more payments before I allow myself to buy the next computer component.

That's a .jpg that I posted of my score. I originally just saved it to Paint as a .bmp, then I later resaved it from a bitmap to a jpeg using my scanner's image software. Guess I could try a .gif, but I thought .jpg was a smaller file.
Here is my score.....(imagine this..my Geforce2(Herc)..is a PCI...i think i did pretty good on the score front...(AGP card soon) I used the Detonator driver 12.00

Asus A7V KT133
Duron 800 @ 1009..(10@100)
320 PC133(can't remember brand)
30gb WD ATA100
Hercules Prophet ll MX (PCI)
SB PCI 128

Can't you lower the multiplier and increase the FSB?.. that way you can get higher score on it. And dont feel bad because you have a PCI version. They are just fine. The performance diff. is so minor you wont be able to tell the difference.