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4x256mb vs. 2x512mb

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May 4, 2004
Silver Spring, MD
Is there any difference? Im buying 2x256mb HYPER RAM 4200 from flapperhead and I plan to buy another pack when I have money. Will this restrict my OC potential in anyway?


Sep 27, 2003
Folding in Illinois
CircuitBreaker8 said:
Also, if anything, I have to downclock, cuz stock speed for this ram is 266 and my 2.6 that im ordering has a 260 limiti think

266 as in ddr533/pc4200? there is no limit on a cpu, its not like they cap it at a certain point, but 260 is probably as far as it will go on air...should be able to get more if your using phase change.


Senior Member
Apr 27, 2002
wash dc area
2 sticks generally will oc better than 4. however since u are gonna oc to about 266 and ive tested both sets to 288/292 i dont think youll have a problem. now if u needed every last mhz or the cpu could oc to 290 then u could lose a little..