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Mar 6, 2001
amd 1200 is running at 66 c is this to hot and mobo is at 40 c i pulled my heat sink off do i need to put a new grease coat between the heat sink and cpu ? im not that over clocked im 12.5 x @104
New grease is a very good idea instead of the stock pad that is on the bottom of many heatsinks. If you don't use grease you are going to have big problems. 66C is to hot for the cpu.

You system is running way to hot. The 40C system temp tells me you have no case cooling installed. What size case do you have and are there any case fans in it? Try running with the sides off the case and see if that lowers the temps.
I can't believe that your cpu runs that cool while your case temp is so high! Normally when you case temp gets so high your cpu will begin to warm up as well.
I pulled the side panel off and dropped to 61c and mobo is at 36 c thx im going shopping for cooling supplies thx :)
right now with the sides off the case and the top off im running 61c and mobo is at 32c i added grease to the heatsink also
That is still to hot for the cpu did you do a good job of cleaning off all the old gunk from the heatsink b4 u used grease? What H/F are you using?
The only time my cpu gets that hot is when my Peltier doesn't power up! Which basically means no cooling at all. The hottest I have seen it is 69c! It has happened a few times. OUCH!!!
Last night I cleaned the gunk off better and used a sparing amount of grease I have a decent heat sink but the alpha pal is looking good and I'm looking at the arctic silver too
Still to dang hot. What HSF and fan are you using? Try a WBK38 or a FOP32. Also put some good case fans in. Make sue u take in as much air as you take out. This will probably get you down to the 40's or 30's.
is that temp at idle or full load???
if it`s at idle then it is way too hot still....
try making a duct to the fan to the side of the case so that it will get some cooler air to the HS.
u can make them out of card boards.

I'M having a hot rod shop luver the case and im add more fan i have one in the front and a pci fan and i'll be adding one to a blow hole i'm running all day at 55c and mobo at 34c
You still never told us what H/F you are using! That could be part of the prob to. There are a lot of new H/F out there now but 2 that I recomend depending on how much you want to spend are GW Fop38, this is very good and cheap to and if you can't stand the noise of the delta fan you can always replace it with a 80mm fan later on. If you have money to spend it is hard to beat Swiftech.
I just checked my bios and it read 43c and 36c mobo it maybe my asus soft wear reading it wrong in windows ??
That sounds better, but one question, what voltage settings do you use?
The case temp is still very high, and you should get some good case fans..
I would recommend something like 120mm in Front and 2x80 mm in the Back. Front blowing in, Back sucking out.
If the 120 mm doesn´t fit, 2x 80 mm in the Front will also be fine, but a bit louder..