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8k3a+ observations

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Feb 18, 2002
Floyd, VA
been all over the map with voltages and bios's.

now have the 2912's and can run FSB speeds that are impressive, 212FSB so far with no tearing in windows, tearing at first boot screen only.

i had been holding back on anything over 2.8 vdimm with my Sammy PC2700. i always played with the vre to get better clocks.

turns out that isn't always the answer. since i have two sticks of the same ram just laying around in case of fire, i decided, wtf, and hit the ram with the full 3.2vdimm, and i have been lowering the vre slowly.

turns out that the major extra juice to my MP2000+ is NOT what the whole combo needed, just some big time vdimm jammin'.

i have heat spreaders on the two sticks and a big 120mm blowing in over the whole mess from the side panel (it isn't the only one, yo ;-)).

temps keep getting lower CPU wise and she keeps on running at LOWER vre's at the present setting (9x206), now down to 1.95vre from 2.10 it took before (i thought, not).

just wanted to pass this along, many of you that read this may not have a spare inventory of ram just in case something goes wrong, i have no idea how long it will last. so far, so good.

it does reinforce some thoughts i was having regarding memory issues with the VIA stuff.

moving along.




Linux challenged Senior, not that it stops me...
Dec 28, 2001
Corner of No and Where
High Voltage is GOOD! :D

I run all my voltages as low as possible, but since I like to max out systems as much as I can, I still end up with just about everything above spec....

My three Epox mobos have all been stuck at 3.2 volt since the second day I had them (first 24 hours is to make sure I don't have bad stuff). That's up to about 10 months I think...

I did have to volt mod one board: 3.2v was not enough to run stable above 175 mhz fsb/2ghz cpu:D

But 3.4v is.